The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) consists of three neuroethologists from Lisbon, Rui Olivera, Chair (Gulbenkian Institute of Science), Susana Lima (Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme) and Marta Moita (Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme). The LOC is responsible for all the physical arrangements for the conference, including selecting and renting the venue, negotiating agreements with hotels, and setting up and maintaining the conference website.

The Program Committee (PC) co-chairs are Cynthia F. Moss (Johns Hopkins University, USA) and Uwe Homberg (University of Marburg, Germany). Other members of the PC were selected by the co-chairs in consultation with the Executive Council (EC) of the ISN, and include a co-chair of the 2018 congress (Karin Nordström, Flinders University, Australia) for continuity. The PC members are representative of the diversity in expertise, geographic area and gender of the ISN membership, and consist of: Lauren O’Connell (Stanford University, USA), Michael Dickinson (Cal Tech, USA), Yossi Yovel (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Kentaro Arikawa (SOKENDAI, Japan), and Ana Sliva (University of the Republic Uruguay at Montevideo, Uruguay). The PC selects Plenary Speakers, symposium topics and speakers, and organizes abstracts into specific topic sessions.