The ISN presents four Young Investigator Awards at each congress. These competitive awards recognize innovative doctoral dissertations exploring a topic in neuroethology. Nominees are selected by a subcommittee of the EC on the basis of letters of recommendation and review of published work. Recipients present their research at a dedicated plenary symposium, which is a popular and well-attended feature of the congress.


The 2022 Young Investigator Award Winners are Jay Stafstrom, Grace Capshaw, Mercedes Bengochea and Alexandra Yarger, whose presentations are scheduled for Tuesday, July 26.
Y.1 18:00–18:30
Blink and you’ll miss it: Ballistic predatory behavior in the ogre–faced spiderJay Stafstrom (Cornell University, USA)Y.2 18:30–19:00Bone conduction of sound supports aerial hearing and directional sensitivity in salamandersGrace Capshaw (Johns Hopkins University, USA)Y.3 19:00–19:30Numerical discrimination in Drosophila melanogasterMercedes Bengochea (Institut du Cerveau–Paris Brain Institute, France)Y.4 19:30–20:00Specialized mechanosensors in flying insectsAlexandra Yarger (Imperial College London)These talks can be accessed remotely by those who pay the virtual access registration fee of 100 Euros (