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Schedule for Plenary Lectures

Plenary 1: Jenny ReadStereoscopic vision in the praying mantis

Plenary 2: Eugenia ChiappeMotor context orchestrates visual control of locomotion in Drosophila

Plenary 3: Nathan MorehouseThe evolution of color vision in jumping spiders

Plenary 4: Elissa HallemHost-seeking behaviors of skin-penetrating nematodes

Plenary 5: Ana Amador An integrative view of birdsong production: biomechanics and neural dynamics

Plenary 6: Hideaki TakeuchiExploring the neural geography of the social brain using medaka fish

Plenary 7: Michiyo KinoshitaVisual world of flower foraging swallowtail butterflies

Plenary 8: Elena GrachevaMolecular adaptations to the unique life style in mammalian hibernators

Plenary 9: Carlos RibeiroThe gourmet fly: how needs turn into “wants”


Paul KatzForm, function, and phylogeny of neural circuits underlying behavior in nudibranchs

José Luis PeñaThe biased owl:  How the brain selects what information to rely on 

Proposed schedule for Symposia

Symp 1: AyaliThe neural basis of collective behavior

Symp 2: Hoffmann/HechavarriaMechanisms of echo-acoustically guided navigation in birds and mammals

Symp 3: SzczupakSensory Integration

Symp 4: Carr/Christensen-DalsgaardThe evolution of sound localization circuits in land vertebrates

Symp 5: WagnerMemorial Symposium in honor of Barrie Frost and Jack Pettigrew

Symp 6: Zornig/ChagnaudOverlooked for decades? Motoneuron involvement in rhythm generation

Symp 7: Mangan/WystrachNew tools to study behaviour in the field: insights from insect navigation

Symp 8: Giurfa/d’EttorreRedefining the boundaries of pheromone action: pheromones as neuromodulators of learning and memory

Symp 9: Trimmer/LongMaking Biorobots Behave: Connecting Engineering and Animal Behavior

Symp 10: QuintanaInsights into the fine tuning of social behavior: the brain as a source of steroid hormones

Symp 11: YartsevNeuroethology of 3D Spatial Navigation

Symp 12: NityanandaSelective Attention and State-Dependency in Invertebrates